A Smattering of Updates

I believe I have ADCD.  Not ADD, not ADHD, not even AC/DC, though my husband probably has a CD or two of theirs (or a cassette tape, even!) kicking around somewhere. 

No, the recently diagnosed affliction I speak of is the less-known ADCD:  Attention Deficit Creativity Disorder.  You might have some of the symptoms yourself.  It’s basically when you start one project, and then you think of another one to do and decided that THAT one is more important/necessary/interesting/fun/easy and so you set the first one aside and move to the next, but you also know you need to put together a little recipe to send to a friend who’s putting together a new thing on her blog and you said you’d contribute and those apples and pears really need to be either baked with or thrown in the compost and we need bread so you better make it toDAY and oh wait, this would be a cool idea, i’d better sketch it so i don’t forget it, and i really need to clear off the stuff on the table so i can move my sewing machine over to a better spot and i wonder how much striped fabric i have…that would work well for project idea #352…should i work on these…or this?  I really want to make these, but would those sell better on Etsy?  where’s my crystal ball?????

And that’s just during a 17 second time period in my head.

And I left out the parts having to do with laundry or feeding family (including cats) and errands and kids’ homework and all those other things.

I also wish I didn’t require sleep, but that’s old news.


I spent a chunk of yesterday baking stuff – bread, a pumpkin pie, an apple/pear cake (yes, I finally used them up), and some oatmeal cookies with some chopped-up Halloween candy mixed in.  Bill made two batches of Thai red curry paste (one mild and one scorching), and prepped stuff for the pho we were having for dinner.  He’d made the stock a couple days earlier.  I’m telling you, I would be quite content to just sip a mug of pho broth instead of tea or coffee.  Well, not first thing in the morning, maybe, but it’s really, really, really good.  Oh, and he made green papaya salad, too.

We had the pho for dinner.  Yum.  I love the fact that my kids just take this sort of meal for granted.  And that Alex – who has never been a big fan of soup, listed his favorites (or the only ones he really likes) as – in order of favoriteness – miso soup, pho, and tomato.  (And he means canned Campbell’s tomato, btw.  With crumbled up Ritz crackers in it and a grilled tuna melt made with cheddar cheese and JUST tuna, no mayo.)  I just love the fact that miso and pho top the list.


I am in a less cooking/more sewing phase at the moment.  That’s my excuse for the lack of food writing on this here blog.  But I did take pictures of the cake I made yesterday so I’ll put together a post about that at some point in the next few days. 

And here’s a picture of the pumpkin pie. 


I made this with the pumpkin Julia picked out on a field trip last month, shortly before Halloween.  We carved (well, Bill carved) the other two we had and they ended up as compost.  This one we saved, and Julia wanted it to become a pie.  I cut it up, toasted the seeds with a little vegetable oil and salt, and roasted the flesh.  Actually, it’s going to become two pies – I froze the rest of it for Thanksgiving. 

Here’s another picture of the pie.  I liked the light.


That’s it for now.  Time to make lunches for the kids and shuttle them to school, run to the store for coffee and cat litter and a few other necessities, and then I’ll be downstairs in my work area at my crowded little work table, sewing one of my too-many projects. 

Have a lovely Monday!

3 thoughts on “A Smattering of Updates

  1. I love the picture with the “good” lighting. I wish I had had the patience to cook and bake with my girls when they were little. Your kids will have such wonderful memories.

  2. I am always in awe of all the baking and cooking you can get done with in a day.
    If you ever have the urge, I would love it if you could post your green papaya salad recipe. The one asian restaurant here in town that had it on the menu closed. I need my fix. I think I can buy green papayas at the local asian market, so with a great recipe I would be good to go.
    I really enjoy your blog and really hope my 13-month-old son likes as many things when he is older as your son does.

  3. i think i have that too… that adcd thing…but my brain won’t stop long enough to ask… 🙂
    love the photo of the pie..the lighting is just perfect!

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