For Now

So, my laptop was infiltrated by a rather clinging and persistent spyware program.  I'd run my anti-malware software and it would look like it found the problem and then got rid of it, but after rebooting and running the laptop a while, the problem would creep back in.  Or come out of hiding.  Whatever they do.  So I shut the thing off, went to our other computer and looked it up and realized…well…that I was going to need a bigger boat.

I disconnected the laptop from its wireless connection and then spent a big chunk of Thursday evening changing allllllllllllllllllllllll the two thousand and twenty seven passwords of everything I'd ever logged onto, much to my kids' frustration.  Alex wanted to work on the dinosaur book he's writing, and Julia wanted me to paint her toenails.

But I was on a mission.  And in a panic, kind of. So they had to wait a day. 

Anyway, I got all that done, and then walked away from the computer.  Couldn't do any more.  The next day I sent my husband to work with some questions for the computer guy there (he's worked on our computers before and I have total faith in him) about how I should proceed.  Bill called me later that morning with the responses…yes, safe to back up all the pictures and documents.  And yes, best course of action would be to go ahead and (gulp) reformat the whole thing.

That sort of scares me, frankly, because what if I screw it up?? 

So I haven't done it yet.

Partly because – like I said – it scares me.  Partly because I've been busy with other things – the weekend, with everyone home, is probably not the best time to do something that will probably be rather stressful (to me).  So maybe I'll save that til Monday.

In the meantime, cool stuff…I learned how to put in a zipper.

I know.  It's almost more than you can comprehend, right?  Not since we first landed on the moon has there been an event as…as…BIG AND IMPORTANT as this.

And you know what?  Zippers aren't very difficult at all!  I made a little zippered pouch as a learning project, and I think the whole project was done – including my digging out all my sewing machine feet that I've never used (yet – I'm on a roll now, so who knows what else I'll decide to teach myself) and also running up the stairs to look up how-to stuff online.  Yeah, it would have been handy to have the laptop with me, but I need the exercise, so stairs were good, too.

Did that Friday and felt all good about myself.  Such a small thing, but with such potential.

Yesterday was BACON DAY.  And I'll have a real post or two about that because it's too long to go into at the moment, but we have successfully MADE BACON!  Twice now, in fact.  And you know what?  It's so EASY!  And so GOOD! 

My husband and his friend, John, handled the smoking end of the bacon, made a small batch of beer with ingredients my husband had left over from past batches, and bottled another recent batch.  It was a nice, busy, crazy day. 

And it was made crazier by the fact that John's wife had planned a small SURPRISE get-together for that night to celebrate John's birthday.  She'd called us earlier in the week to see if we could make it, and of course we said yes.  Didn't know then that it was a surprise, but I called her yesterday morning to make sure.  John hadn't mentioned it, so Bill and I figured it was a good bet he didn't know, but we just wanted to make sure.  Anyway, so John (I'm sorry, I'm a terribly sloppy thinker this morning) was supposed to be home at 4 in the afternoon.  We were to get to his house at 5.  So, knowing this, and knowing WHY, Bill kind of kept things rolling along at a swifter pace than usual.  Still, things don't always go the way you want them to, and the bottling end of things hit a couple of snags.  And I, of course, was mentally jumping up and down hissing at Bill "STOP TALKING SO MUCH! HE HAS TO GO SO WE CAN MAKE THE SALAD AND GO, TOO!!!"  But mentally hissing has no effect, and so I had to act like I didn't care at all if he stayed.  At long last (around oh, 4:35), John was out the door and away.  I'd already picked stuff for the salad while it was still light outside, so I just had to rinse the greens and shred the carrots while Bill whipped up a salad dressing using – this is another story – apple cider vinegar that somehow made itself in the cupboard behind the bar in the basement.  Yes.  Open hard cider bottle discovered while gathering bottles for the current batch of beer.  Still liquid in it, but a "mother" – kind of the starter for vinegar – had formed and we had vinegar.  Very nice, sweet, cidery vinegar.  No idea who left the bottle there – open! – but I'm kind of glad they did.  How cool is that?  Homemade vinegar!

Anyway, John's wife called, I told her he was on his way and we were leaving shortly, which we did, and then proceeded to have a lovely evening at John's house.  Our kids played with John's oldest, who is 3, and I got to carry around their 6-month-old baby for a while.  Baby legs!  Baby giggling!  Baby drool! 

And that's kind of the update.

Oh, and I've also finished a couple more little elephants.  Today?  I'm heading down to my sewing area now.  The rest of the day will be (if I have my way) relatively relaxed and low-key…laundry…dishes…meals…and sewing projects. 

And I think tomorrow, yes, I will tackle the laptop issues.

But it's been nice to step away from it.  I think I'd come to think of the laptop as one of my own appendages, toting it with me room to room, so I could stay in touch with the universe, or see what everyone else was up to every second.

It's been nice to step away.  And maybe it's a reminder, or a lesson, I've needed. 

Got it.


2 thoughts on “For Now

  1. i just took my computer in to get fixed, I too had virus issues. hopefully my cousin can fix them.
    msn! that’s what he said, file sharing between my daughter and friends!

  2. I caught a nasty Trojan on Friday by clicking on a Google image result for seed packet templates.
    Luckily, my tech guy is my husband so he had it fixed by late Friday night, but still! He did a system restore, which seems to have solved the problem.
    BUT, now he won’t stop saying “seeeeeed packets….suuuure you were!”

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