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Needle and Thread

I’ve got little to no voice today.  A cold has moved from my head down to my chest and along the way has bound and gagged my vocal cords. 

I don’t mind, in a way.  Not entirely.  It’s nice to not talk sometimes.  And I find I can communicate enough with pointing and gesturing, with a bit of whispering when needed.

Yesterday and today I’ve been sewing.  I made a triceratops for my son (see previous post), and today I’m working on an elephant for Julia.  I’ve also sketched and cut out a pattern for another dinosaur.

I’m sewing by hand.  Every little bit.  I’ve got a machine.  It’s right here – to my right on this table.  But I’m not using it.  Not right now.

I think, somehow, my enforced muteness has made me want to work quietly as I play with fabric.  I don’t want any unnecessary noise.  Of course, there’s the hum of the dryer…and I have the tv on for background noise (and since I’m sick, I get to pick the channel.  I’m on the Create channel right now.  Love that stuff.  I need to add woodworking to my hobbies.)…but mainly it is quiet down here. 

Quiet and peaceful.

I like sewing by hand.  I used to do a lot more of it, once upon a time when I had an entirely different life.  Now, I’m trying to reclaim some of that old me.

I like the rhythm of the stitches, and I like the feel of fabric in my hands.  (The elephant is a soft, thin flannel.)  I like letting my mind drift around where it will while my fingers take care of the needle and pins and thread and fabric.  It’s meditative.  And productive. 

That’s about it for the moment.  Need to get back to Julia’s elephant.  I’m hoping to finish it today, and if I do, I’ll put the pictures up.  I think she’ll be a pretty little pachyderm. 

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