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The Egg


My friend, Rosa’s Foster Mom, stopped by yesterday with some eggs for me, including a very special egg from Rosa.

It was a big egg.

No, make that a BIG EGG.

Here, let me demonstrate…

First, here’s a standard, store-boughten LARGE egg.  I buy large, because most recipes call for large, and that makes less thinking for me.


Now, there was a SOMEWHAT BIT egg in the carton.  Here it is. 


Rosa’s Foster Mom said it was a double yolker, and I can attest to that, having just consumed said twin yolks moments ago.

So that’s pretty big, right?

But then she showed me THIS:


Hard to tell in that picture, but just the fact that this egg needed a specialized mode of transportation, instead of eggpooling with the others, should give you an idea.

But, since I’m all about comparison today, here’s this REALLY BIG EGG alongside the SOMEWHAT BIG EGG and the plain ol’ LARGE EGG:


It’s a big egg.  It’s a big egg FOR A CHICKEN.

My first reaction?  OUCH!

Rosa’s Foster Mom wondered whether it might be a triple yolker, but this morning, when I was cooking Bill’s breakfast, we learned it is just a really large double yolker.  Really large.

Here it is, next to all the other just-fine-but-suddenly-insecure-normal-sized eggs:


That was a big egg.

2 thoughts on “The Egg

  1. We get those on occasion, and I sometimes wonder if a goose hasn’t broken into the coop. We don’t have any geese, and I’ve never seen a goose wandering around our town, but it still makes more sense than something that large coming out of my poor little hens.

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