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The Upcoming Cookie Project


Image from a December 2008 post.  Click here to read the madness. 

It’s getting to be Frantic Cookie-Baking Time around here.  Time to make dozens and dozens of cookies to send out to family and friends for the holidays.  For some reason (perhaps a hard whack on the head that I don’t remember) I’m not all anxious about getting it all done this year.  I haven’t deluded myself into thinking I’ll start early, either.  It crossed my mind once, and I just let it keep going.  Who am I kidding?  I will start after Thanksgiving, and I will finish in time to ship them out.  And all will be fine.

But that’s not the cookie project I’m talking about. 

I’m talking about a new project, destined to begin in January, after all the holiday baking is done, and we are all sick of cookies.  All of us except my kids.

Alex made the observation recently that “Mom, you have a LOT of cookie cutters!”  He’s a smart one.  And yes, I do.  I have a lot.  More than anyone needs, but I can’t get rid of them.  Some have sentimental value.  Some DO get used consistently (certain winter/christmas ones, for example) and some SHOULD get used only I forget until the season/holiday/moon phase has gone past.  And plus, my children will one day inherit them, and if I have a lot to start with, neither kid will feel deprived.

So there you go.

Anyway, the other morning Alex thought it would be a fun project, over the course of the year, to use ALL the cookie cutters. EVERY SINGLE ONE. 

And it sounds fun to me, too.  And to Julia. 

So it was decided that, starting the first weekend in January, we’ll start working our way through all the cutters.

Of course, some will have been used in December, but they don’t really count as part of the project.   Those cutters get lots of play time already.  Our project is meant to put all the other cutters in the spotlight.

I’m thinking we’ll also try out different cookie doughs as well, just for some variety.  And different decorating ideas, too.

Should be entertaining!

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