At 6:06 this morning Alex and Julia opened our bedroom door. “Merry Christmas!  Wake up!”  Julia sang out. Bill sort of grunted a greeting and I tried to sound a bit more enthusiastic.  “Time to get up!  I think Santa came!”  she urged. “Go wake your brother up,” I said.  “I’m right here!” Alex announced.… Continue reading 6:06

Julia · Motherhood

Ho Ho Heave

Well, at least it didn’t strike while she was sitting, with Alex, on Mall Santa’s lap.

Or immediately after our “picnic” dinner of burgers and broccoli and really good homemade macaroni and cheese while sitting on a blanket on the floor in front of the tv watching endless episodes of “Billy the Exterminator.”  (We are big fans of Billy.)

No, it struck shortly after midnight.  I awoke to the miserable sound of Julia wailing my name.

Appetizers · Bacon · Pancakes

Bacon Pancake Bites – Maple Syrup Optional


We had some people over for an early Christmas dinner last night.  Some family, some friends. 

But before all that, when it was morning, I cooked some bacon and eggs for Bill.

The bacon is homemade.  We made it.  It’s our second batch, and it will not be our last.  Some time soon I will tell you all about that.  The making of bacon.

But for now, there’s this little story.