Are YOU the Winner of the Rice Cooker?

Well, let’s see here.  I realize you’ll probably scroll to the bottom to see if it’s you, and that’s fine, but because I’m ME, I have to tell the Story of the Picking of the Winner, regardless.

This morning I had my daughter write out the numbers from 1 to 42 – there were 42 entries in this giveaway.  She informed me that she could count from 1 to ONE HUNDRED!, but I told her I only needed her services up to 42.

She found a pretty blue piece of paper, I drew some lines on it so her number writing wouldn’t get out of control, and she got to work.


She handed me the paper, and I was glad I’d drawn the lines in there.  Numbers 1-oh…14 were a nice, comfortable size, but as the numbers grew bigger, so did Julia’s handwriting.  22 and 23 in particular were pretty huge. 

My favorite part was that around each multiple of ten, she’d drawn little lines, like the number was shining.  I love her.

Anyway, I asked her to find her scissors and cut out EACH number, nice and neat.  Then let me know when she was done.

A couple minutes later she called me into the dining room.  She’d cut some of them out but I noticed she had cut some of the larger, sprawling numbers in half.  So instead of 31, for instance, there was a 3…and a 132.  Hm. 

I didn’t want to make her feel bad, after all she was HELPING me, so I drew a 1 next to the lonely 3 and trimmed the other 1 from the 32.  Then I helped with the rest of the cutting and had her set out all the numbers, in order, just to make sure we had each one represented.

Then I had Alex go help, and he ended up writing slips for some numbers that had disappeared somehow during the cutting.

Here’s a look at the numbers.  Sorry about the crumbs.  Sometimes we eat at our table, and crumbs occur.


Oops.  Bad lighting.

Here’s this.  The color is off, but you can see the numbers more clearly.

IMG_8659 See the 30?  With the little lines all around it?  Yay!  It’s divisible by ten!

Anyway, here are ALLLLLLLLLLLLLLL the numbers, from 1-42, all present and accounted for.  (Thanks, Alex, for helping!)


Next, I had the kids crumple each piece of paper into a ball, or whatever shape they could manage, and everything went into the bottom of a plastic tupperware container that doesn’t even belong to me and I should return some time soon.

Julia shook the bowl, and Alex picked the number.


And I switched to a flash, just so these pictures would be visible.

And the winner is?


Yeah, that flash is a BIG help, isn’t it?

Here’s a better shot:


It’s the number 1!  Or, ONE! 

And that means the winner is chocolatechic!


Please send me an email – jayne (at) barefootkitchenwitch (dot) com with your shipping address and I’ll get this off to you! 

Thanks, all of you, for participating!!  I wish I had a whole carload of rice cookers to give away. 

Wouldn’t THAT be fun?

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