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FFwD – Sweet and Spicy Cocktail Nuts


It was so nice to have something relatively quick and easy to throw together this week!

For today’s French Fridays with Dorie I give you Sweet and Spicy Cocktail Nuts. 

And then I take them back, because they’re so good, and so addictive.

After reading past posts in which some of the other FFwD members wrote about eating the first batch in no time, I decided I should probably double the recipe right off the bat. 

I used half almonds and half walnuts.


So how simple is this?  Incredibly simple.  First, I mixed together the sugar and salt and the spices.  I changed the recipe slightly by using some cumin instead of all the chili powder called for.

Then I whipped the egg whites,


mixed them with the nuts,


and then added the sugar-and-spice-and-everything-nice mixture…


spread them out on my two parchment-lined cookie sheets…(and like a lot of people, I didn’t take the time to remove any excess egg white from the nuts, but next time, I think I will.  While I didn’t mind eating all the crispy bits of spiced egg white, I think the nuts will all look nicer without it.)


and then I baked them for about half an hour or so.  It might have been 40 minutes. 

And when I pulled them from the oven, it was just about time to pick up the kids at school that day, so I left them cooling on top of the stove.  When I came back, Bill had consumed a fair portion and was nodding his approval when I came in the door.

Alex didn’t like them, and I don’t remember what Julia’s opinion was, but Bill and I just kept eating them until I poured them in a container and shut the lid. 

That’s helping, sort of.

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19 thoughts on “FFwD – Sweet and Spicy Cocktail Nuts

  1. They were good, weren’t they. I am going to make a few of the variations to put in with my Christmas baskets. I found my first batch took way longer than the half hour – I am glad it wasn’t just me.

  2. I made the nuts, too, but cut the recipe in half – husband is allergic to almonds, the younger child does not like the whole nuts, and I wasn’t sure if the older one will like all the spices. Now I regret it, because they are very addictive and I have eaten them all by myself:)
    Back to the kitchen again, to make some more (and experience with new spice mixes). i like the idea of adding cumin – I used Chinese five spice blend, chili and a bit of cinnamon.

  3. I’m so happy that so many people — including you! — liked this recipe. It’s an easy one, but I love that it’s easy to play around with.

  4. I made these this week too. I agree they were so easy! And so delicious. I made them exactly per the recipe, but when I made them again (later this week), I’m going to play around! I’d like them a little spicer.

  5. I like the addition of cumin in place of some of the chili – so many variations are possible for this recipe and there have been great posts from everyone. Loved your photos, too!

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