Food Day Saturday


I took this picture about a week ago. 

I like it because it gives you the impression that I do my dishes on a regular basis and that my countertops are not dusted or encrusted with flour all the time.

Looking at the eggs, there, I can tell I was planning to make the springerle.  I quintupled the recipe, so I needed 20 eggs.  I didn’t make all 5 batches in one go, though – I doubled, doubled, and did one single recipe.  In case you were worried about dough overflow.

Today I’ve got almond stars to make, and then I need to ice the lebkuchen, and with those two tasks completed, all the 6 German cookie recipes will be done.  After that I’m “free” to play around and bake whatever the heck I want to bake. 

My sister has put in a request for those peanutbutter cookies with a Hershey kiss in the center, so I’ll be making those.  I also need to do something chocolate. 

I’ve also got a few other non-baking food gifts I want to make, so perhaps I’ll tackle those as well. 

No matter what, it should be a day of wonderful smells in my house!

So, what are you doing today?

5 thoughts on “Food Day Saturday

  1. I’ve been out to an auction view this morning, tidied up the downstairs for someone coming to pick up some Royal Doulton jugs this afternoon, now time to clean the bathroom (again, just in case he needs it when he is here) and strip our bed (nothing to do with man coming to collect.. :O ) and then check prices for the auction on Monday so I know how much to bid.

    And then maybe an hour or two for a bubble bath (in my specially cleaned bathroom) before I watch the semi final of Strictly Come Dancing (our version of your Dancing with the Stars) before making dinner. Which will be Sausage Toad in the Hole with mash spuds and brussel sprouts.

    And that is my day!

  2. No no no – can I come to YOUR house?? Waffles?? Yum! Its funny – weve been talking about waffles here because my husband is taking the kids skiing at a place that has a little waffle house outside at the foot of the mountain, and the smell of warm waffles in the cold air is intoxicating. Oddly enough, we dont have a waffle iron any more, and we need to rectify that. Soon!

  3. I’m playing the piano for the dress rehearsal of the children’s Christmas pageant at church. This Wednesday, we’re finally getting a new oven. I haven’t had a working oven since we moved into our ancient house 2.5 years ago (!!). I will be BAKING FOR CHRISTMAS THIS YEAR! Can you tell I’m excited? I love to cook, and I haven’t really been able to do much for a really long time.

  4. Wow! Im SO happy for you! We had a problem with our oven about 6 years ago – couldnt even use the burners – and I cooked everything on our two-burner electric stovetop in the basement kitchen/bar. That only lasted a week, at most, and it drove me nuts – I cant even imagine being oven-less for two and a half years! HAPPY BAKING!!!!!

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