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House on the Hill Nativity Sale

Just wanted to share this with you all because I love the gorgeous springerle molds at House on the Hill.

I got a notice the other day that they’re having an end-of-the-year sale on Nativity molds, and I thought some of you might be interested.

One of the molds on sale is their Complete 1654 Nativity, which looks like this:


I have this one, and every year I make one huge cookie with it, which we break and share with family and friends at Christmas.  The detail is amazing, right down to the cracks from the original wood mold.

They’re all gorgeous (there are a total of 6 big, beautiful molds on sale), but if I was going to buy a new one this year, their Spectacular Nativity is the one I’d pick:


Look at the detail!  I love the sheep’s wool.

Anyway, I figured I’d pass this sale info along to you.

House on the Hill did not ask me to – I do it because I love their store and their products, and if I were a rich woman, I’d have a whole room full of their springerle molds.

That’s it for now…off to do some last-minute running around!

P.S.  Julia’s all better.  Bill’s sick now.  Hoping all the germs FEAR ME and stay far away!

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