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Opinions Requested

I am, of course, way far behind in sending out Christmas cards.  But I’m determined to get things going in that department.

Now, in the last bunch of years, I’ve sent out those picture cards, usually with just a picture of the kids, because they’re cute, they change yearly, so it’s good for far away relatives who don’t read this blog, and, I know I’m biased, but my kids are cute.  Well, they can be.

Anyway, instead of the usual photo of the kids, I was thinking it was time we had a family portrait done, and I thought we could use that for our Christmas card as well.

So, what do you think about this one?


5 thoughts on “Opinions Requested

  1. I love it…it would be so fun and so different. Go for it! One year, we had cards that showed all of us from behind jumping into the ocean fully clothed…it was cool to send out something really different.

  2. You guys favor so much! I tell the teachers at school that if they don’t get their picture made for the yearbook I’ll have a kindergarten student draw a picture of them. No it doesn’t work, but maybe this will be the year I really do it.

  3. Print it on red or green paper.
    If you photo shop it, try turning the drawing lines white, and
    print on red paper.
    That would be very unique.

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