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I’m Done

With the cookie baking.

I just got home from running a couple of errands, and I’d left cookies cooling on the racks in the dining room.

There was one that had broken while I was rolling it in confectioners’ sugar, so I figured I should sample it, you know, to make sure it was okay.

And so I did.

And it’s a really, really good thing, too, because it was the most awful bite of a cookie I’ve ever had.

My Family

Opinions Requested

I am, of course, way far behind in sending out Christmas cards.  But I’m determined to get things going in that department.

Now, in the last bunch of years, I’ve sent out those picture cards, usually with just a picture of the kids, because they’re cute, they change yearly, so it’s good for far away relatives who don’t read this blog, and, I know I’m biased, but my kids are cute.  Well, they can be.

Anyway, instead of the usual photo of the kids, I was thinking it was time we had a family portrait done, and I thought we could use that for our Christmas card as well.

So, what do you think about this one?

Birds · Cats

Winter Bird Watching


‘Tis the season.

After a couple weeks of squirrels and then birds hopping around on these two platforms, looking around for food (and with the squirrels actually making eye contact through the window, as if to say “You open yet?”), I finally put some seed out on Saturday and the uneaten crusts of a couple of peanutbutter and jelly sandwiches yesterday.

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FFwD: Speculoos


It’s Friday, and I’m finally posting another French Fridays with Dorie recipe again.  I think it’s been a month since the last one, and I’ve got a few of November’s recipes – the images, anyway – hanging around, wanting to be loved by a little girl or boy…no, wait, that’s the misfit toys.

Anyway – I was totally happy to see that one of December’s recipes was a cookie recipe.  I bake a lot of cookies in December, and it’s nice to have a new recipe or two to play with.

Enter the Speculoos!