Santa Julia


‘Twas weeks before Christmas

When all thru the house,

Not a creature was stirring.

Well, at least not the lizard.


The stockings weren’t hung

But the lit tree was there

And wee little Julia

Thought it looked kind of bare.


She crept up the staircase

Then dashed to the table

To attend secret doings

As best she was able


She struggled with tape

And paper and ribbon

Then summoned her family

To see what they’d been given.


A rubber ball for Daddy

A bunny for her brother

And one for herself

And a jewelry box for mother.


Not new, nor surprising

These quickly wrapped trinkets.

And yet Christmas came early,

For Julia did think it.

2 thoughts on “Santa Julia

  1. Yes, we are going through the yearly Andrew wraps all his toys or books for us – and makes us open right “now” on a daily basis.

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