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Alex received Scrabble for Christmas (from Santa), and at dinner this evening he suggested we have a family game night – and all play Scrabble.

He kind of learned the basics of it this afternoon when he and Julia (and I, sort of, in a purely advisory capacity) played a practice game.  No scoring of points – just getting the hang of making words in crossword puzzle format.

I was very proud of Alex when he got put down “quail.”


Anyway, I was glad he suggested Scrabble.  I’d thought he wanted to play one of the many Wii games he and Julia got from family members and Santa, and I’ve been feeling a bit under the weather since yesterday, so I wasn’t really interested in anything physical.

But Scrabble?  Exercise for the brain?  No problem.


Bill, however, did not share my enthusiasm.

He said that no, he would not be playing any Scrabble.  He had to go shovel the driveway again.

We’re having a blizzard, by the way.

And my husband would rather be outside, in a blizzard, at 7:00 at night, than play Scrabble…


against me.  😉

3 thoughts on “Scrabblephobic

  1. Well, I disagree with Bill on two levels. Number one, you are FUN to scrabble with- even though you clearly kick everyone’s butt! Number two, why bother shoveling DURING a blizzard? What a waste of time and energy-it’s all gonna get blown over again and again until the winds die down! Silly!!

  2. I can understand Bill wanting to shovel, even though I live where we rarely see snow. It just gets deeper the longer you wait. But is he well enough after his HoHoitis?

  3. Haha – yes, he’s fine now. Very antsy to go skiing this week, too. And you’re right about why he wanted to shovel last night – he cleared off about 4 inches, so there was that much less to do today. But even if we were only getting flurries, he’d have been outside, rather than facing me across the tiles.

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