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Winter Bird Watching


‘Tis the season.

After a couple weeks of squirrels and then birds hopping around on these two platforms, looking around for food (and with the squirrels actually making eye contact through the window, as if to say “You open yet?”), I finally put some seed out on Saturday and the uneaten crusts of a couple of peanutbutter and jelly sandwiches yesterday.

All my woodland creature friends seem happy, including this little junco.

So far we’ve had juncos, blue jays, a male cardinal, and a Carolina wren.  We also had another bird that looked like a Carolina wren except it had a bunch of white feathers on its back instead of the usual reddish tan color.  I’m guessing it’s just a normal Carolina with some pigmentation issues.  I tried to get a picture of it, but it was too quick.


This is the only shot I got of that little bird, and of course you can’t really see it anyway.  See the black recycle bin at the back of the yard?  See that little light colored dot on the ground right in front of it?  Yeah, that’s the bird in question. 

Ah well.

Yesterday it poured rain, but we had a steady stream of little feathered visitors throughout most of the daylight hours.

I like seeing them hopping around out there. 

And I’m not the only one who enjoys them.

Alex considers himself the gamekeeper of our yard, so every couple of days he patrols the grounds with a scoop of bird seed, some peanuts in the shell, maybe some stale bread if we have any, and some pieces of the suet/peanutbutter/birdseed mixture I made last year.  The next day I find little feeding stations all over the yard.  It’s very cute.

Julia helps feed them sometimes, but she’s not as devoted to the cause as her brother.

And these two?


That is the basement window below the kitchen.  The two of them stood there, mesmerized, for AGES yesterday, watching birds hop around on the ground, seeking out fallen seed.

They didn’t even move while I took these pictures.  Maybe the twitch of a tail, or slight movement of an ear, but other than that….

Oh, and it’s particularly funny when Softie (the hunter of the two) makes these little “aack aaack” noises.  I’m guessing it’s some sort of hunting signal…perhaps she’s communicating with the other imaginary members of her pride of lionesses.  Who knows.

Scratchy just sits there, large furry lump that he is, and watches.  He’s just in it for the entertainment – he has no desire to chase or catch anything.


This is better than watching Animal Planet.

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