1 January 2011

Just random notes, as I wander through this day….


I decided, spur of the moment, to take down all the Christmas decorations today. 

To be honest, I’ve had enough of the holidays this (past) year.  I try to feel all the joy and love and wonder and awe and excitement and everything, but this (past) year, it was hard to sustain.  Fortunately, the kids had enough sweet and pure delight for all of us to share.

I am most thankful that they are.  Yes, they are my children, but they are individuals, not just appendages of the family unit.  I am blessed and honored to be a part of their lives, and so lucky to get to watch them grow and learn and become whoever they are destined to be.  I am lucky and grateful for every unsolicited hug and kiss and smile – and even for the ones I demand, because they are generous with affection, these two little people.  On days (weeks, months) when I feel I do nothing good, nothing useful, nothing of any significance, I can look at these two and think, “well, maybe I’ve done something right…”


Most of the Christmas things are packed away.  Now I need to haul the tree outside and then clean up all the needles it leaves behind.

Our tree this year did pretty well, needle-dropping-wise.  I think Bill bought a Noble Pine….something like that…anyway, it hangs onto needles no matter how dry it gets. 


I took a little time to reorganize out little storage closet today.  I put all the Easter stuff in one place, the Halloween in another, and so on.  All the Christmas stuff will go at the back, and hopefully it won’t be such a battle to get to it next December.

I told the kids if they wanted to watch the Christmas movies one last time they needed to do it today, so they held a little Christmas Movie Marathon, at least for an hour or so.

I think it’s safe to pack the movies away now.


Guess I’d better get on my feet again and finish clearing out the tree.  I’d like to put the living room back the way we’d had it before, so I can type on my laptop by the window in the mornings again.

I miss that.

2 thoughts on “1 January 2011

  1. Enjoy the Christmas with the kiddies now while you can. So quickly they are grown and you find yourself decorating a 3ft artificial tree you borrowed from the office or some random place. Using the ornaments you just happened to find on sale in Kohl’s last February. Only to have the cat break everything on the 20th and you pack it all in then….. treasure these days that you have. They are gone too soon.

  2. I took my Christmas down today too. I always do on New Year’s Day. I love the holidays but by New Year’s I am ready to set it aside and start up fresh. Too bad I haven’t finished eating the cookies yet. That’s teh only remains.

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