Big Girl, Little Girl

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I didn’t do the braids.

I need to learn how, or, rather, to practice so I can do them this nicely. 

Julia loves having her hair done.

It makes her feel so grown-up, I think.

And she looks older, too.

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It’s kind of disconcerting, actually.

This baby girl of mine with the big girl French braids.

A peek through the mist at the bigger girl she will become one day.  And far too soon.

I take comfort in her cheeks.  They’re so smushable and kissable.  She’s still got a toddler face sometimes.

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And those smudges of melted blue sugar on her chin are a great comfort to me as well.

She’s still my baby.

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3 thoughts on “Big Girl, Little Girl

  1. I had the same reaction–my she’s grown!
    What a strong family resemblance in the second photo, too.
    Pretty soon they’re teens. No more cheek squishing…waaaaah!

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