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Face Plant and Sympathy


The other evening, the kids were playing outside, enthusiastically and energetically careening down our backyard mountain.

Alex overshot the sled and slid down on his face.

When he came inside, his head hurt, his mouth was a bit bloody, and I could see two thin scratches below his nose and a little scrape on his cheek.  Turned out he’d probably hit his lip with one of his teeth, so I wiped that clean and gave him some ice, and sledding time was over.  It was getting dark anyway.

The next morning, he looked like the picture above. 


So we put neosporin on it to try to get it to hurry up and heal.

He said he feels okay – his face just hurts a little when he moves his mouth too much.

Fortunately for him, Scratchy was sympathetic.


Don’t let that stony gaze fool you.

Scratchy cares.


“See, what did I tell you, human boy?  Too much racing around will get you hurt.”


“That looks like it hurts.  You should be more like me.  Completely lethargic.  You don’t see any painful-looking wounds on MY face, do you?”


“You’d have a much easier time of it if you were a cat.”


“Um…what are you doing?  You’re trampling on my inherent feline dignity.”


“Really.  Please don’t do that.”


“Okay, I accept your apology.”




“Fine.  But only for you, human boy.  At least my face doesn’t look like yours.”

3 thoughts on “Face Plant and Sympathy

  1. Ouch! Cats make surprisingly good nurses. They’re particularly adept at the lying about and taking up bed space portion of nursing.

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