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Finished – The Quilt Bill’s Grandmother Made


As I said in my post a few days ago, there wasn’t really a lot that needed to be done to this quilt.

A few pulled seams repaired, and that was it.  There is a bit of fraying on some of the squares, but a this point, I don’t want to remove and replace them.  I’m not subjecting this quilt to any tough love.

I’ve placed it on top of the hope chest that was Bill’s mother’s.  It’s in a corner of our dining room (you can see cookbooks on the shelves to the left), and I like it there already.

I noticed that three edges of this quilt were actually machine-stitched, with the blanket stitch along the fourth edge.  Bill thinks his mother probably finished the quilt – sewing the top, blanket (the filling) and back together – after her mother-in-law made the top.

Thank you, Gladys.  Thank you, Elsa.

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