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Finishing the Hat: Repairs to the Quilt Bill’s Grandmother Made


Perhaps that should read “Repairs to A Quilt Bill’s Grandmother Made,” rather than “the” – I’m pretty sure she made a lot more than one.


Her name was Gladys.  She was Bill’s paternal grandmother.  As I understand it, this was either one of the last quilts she made, or THE last one. 


Bill was around seven when she passed away.  


When she made this quilt, she was in a nursing home.  You can see the hand stitching.  I love hand-sewn quilts.  I love machine-stitched quilts, too, but there’s something special about knowing that someone’s hand held the needle and thread that joined each and every piece of fabric to the next.


The quilt is actually in very good shape.  A few rips in the seams here and there, a couple of stains on the back, but otherwise in really good condition.


I was going to work on the quilt Bill’s mom made him, but since this one requires the least amount of work, I decided to start with it instead.


It’s funny, I think my grandmother may have made one very similar to this.


Very basic – just squares stitched together into strips, and the strips sewn together to make the top.


I love the old fabrics.  The pretty old prints.

I’m pretty sure the filling is a blanket, rather than batting.  The back looks almost like an old bed sheet.


The edges are stitched by hand, too.


And that’s my current project.

The quilt Gladys made.

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  1. It is a LOVELY quilt. I truly want to learn how to quilt (no one in my immediate family has ever done it) and crochet (my grandma! want to do what she did!). The care on this one, and the fabrics, are so nice! I’m glad you’re fixing it. 🙂 Now, it will have your hand on it for your kids one day, too.

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