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The Next Quilter in the Family


Yesterday Bill took Alex ice fishing.  It’s cold up here in the northeast right now, –1 F this morning, for example, so the ice on the local ponds is pretty thick.  The menfolk dressed warmly and brought an extra pair of gloves each, and off they went.  Julia and I wisely stayed home and, more importantly, indoors.

I started working on Bill’s quilt, and Julia wanted to help, but there wasn’t really anything she could do to help…so I asked her if she wanted to make a quilt of her own, maybe for her dolls, or her 25,769 Barbies….

Quilts and Quilting

Update on Bill’s Quilt


I figured I’d start out with some of the easier repairs first.  There are a few spots where just a single piece of fabric is frayed or torn, with nothing going on nearby.  Like the square above.  There was a long tear where the fabric had just worn out, right along the seam.  No good way to repair it directly, so I’d cut a square of fabric to cover the original square.

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FFwD – Michel Rostang’s Double Chocolate Mousse Cake


One of the nicest things, so far, about cooking my way through Dorie’s Around My French Table with the wonderful French Fridays with Dorie gang is that I usually have all or most of the ingredients already on hand.  It’s so nice!  Take this double chocolate mousse cake.  I didn’t need to get anything for it.  The ingredient list is very short – chocolate, eggs, sugar, coffee, butter, salt.  That’s IT.

And it’s a good thing, because I made this, along with last week’s gnocchi, last Wednesday, which was A Day Of Much Snow in these parts, and no one was going anywhere.

Quilts and Quilting

Quilt by Emma Jane

My whole sewing area needed some straightening up, so I decided to tackle that earlier today.  I moved and sorted and rearranged and consolidated, and now I feel much better about things.

While I was going through everything, I came across a white plastic trash bag with what I’d thought was a quilt in progress.  Something my grandmother had started at some point but never finished.  So, since Finishing Stuff is my project for the year, I figured I’d take a look to see what needed to be done.

Quilts and Quilting

A Look at Past (Long Past) Quilting Projects

Years ago (around twenty, actually) (wow) I did a lot of quilting.  I’d learned to sew when I was a kid, and I made my first quilt when I was in high school.  It was for my grandfather, who’d had a heart attack, and when I said I was going to make it for him for Christmas, someone (don’t remember who) said I wouldn’t have enough time.


I did it.

Cheese · French Fridays with Dorie · Gnocchi

French Fridays with Dorie – Gnocchi a la Parisienne


For French Fridays with Dorie this week, we made gnocchi.  But not the gnocchi I usually make – you know, with potatoes.  Or, sometimes, sweet potatoes. 

This version has no potatoes at all.  The gnocchi are made with pate a choux, the same dough used to make things like eclairs, cream puffs, and gougeres.

Those kooky French cooks!