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Quilt by Emma Jane

My whole sewing area needed some straightening up, so I decided to tackle that earlier today.  I moved and sorted and rearranged and consolidated, and now I feel much better about things.

While I was going through everything, I came across a white plastic trash bag with what I’d thought was a quilt in progress.  Something my grandmother had started at some point but never finished.  So, since Finishing Stuff is my project for the year, I figured I’d take a look to see what needed to be done.

It’s a puff quilt; the sort of quilt I’d made for my grandfather and showed you in this post earlier today.

And, as far as I can tell, it’s not in need of any work.  I suppose it could be enlarged, but…is it necessary?  Maybe at some point, but not today.


Front (above) and back (below).


Isn’t it pretty?

And familiar.  I recognize most of the fabric.  For example…if you look at the picture directly above, and look at the square in the second row from the bottom, three over from the right…I had a nightgown in that fabric when I was little.  And in the row above, five from the left, there’s a square of white fabric with little red and blue sailboats – I had an outfit made of that when I was a toddler.  You get the idea.

I decided to give this to Julia, so I put it on her bed while she was outside playing in the snow.  When she came inside, I asked her to bring some of her books back up to her room.  She didn’t want to (“But Mom, I’m not DONE with them!”) but I insisted.

“Just put them on your bed,” I told her.

Heh heh heh!

I waited, and then…





I went upstairs and told her my grandmother had made it, and that I’d thought she (Julia) would like it.

“I love it!  Thanks, Mom!”


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