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Smoked Pork Butt – I’ve Got a Hot Butt


And yes, I’m suddenly an eight year old boy.

Or a twelve year old boy.

Or an eighteen year old boy.

Or a 26 year old boy.

Or a 40 year old boy….

Hm.  Well okay, you get the idea.

Moving on…

Here’s the set-up (image above).  You can see the smoker on the right, a bag of lump charcoal on a tray (so the bag won’t get wet, in theory) in the middle, and, on the orange sled, a bag of big chunks of apple wood.

Everything a girl needs for a smokin’ hot butt.

Well, almost everything.

She needs fire:


The fire, of course, is the source of the smokin’ hotness.

And here’s the butt:


It’s already looking pretty yummy, I think.

Oh, and totally off topic, the snow right below the smoke box sidecar thing looks really cool.  The heat waves that emanate from the box must billow out in all directions, because instead of looking like the rest of our ski resort back yard, the snow looks like this:




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