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Snow Day


Here’s the view earlier this morning from my kitchen window.  It’s still snowing.  Supposed to snow pretty much all day.


This is one of the platforms on our deck railing.  I put bird seed on here, and sometimes stale bread, old cookies, stale crackers, etc.  For the birds and squirrels.  I’m going to need to clear this off at some point this morning.  I’ve already seen one junco out there hopping around on top, looking for a few seeds.


Our truck, as seen through the kitchen door. 


The boat garden.  Really, it’s under there.  That’s the beach rose bush on the right.  The sunken boat is that barely visible lump on the left.


Blueberry bushes.


Rose of Sharon.  There are several of these between our house and our neighbor’s.

And that’s the view this morning.

I was awakened early – maybe around 3 or 4 – by a plastic, crinkling sound.  Or that’s what it sounded like in my mostly-asleep state.  I thought Scratchy had somehow opened our bedroom door and come into the room with a plastic bag and he was chewing on it.  None of which is likely, except for the chewing-on-plastic part.  Then I realized it was sleet hitting the window.  Oh, yeah.  Snowstorm.

We’re all home.  School was cancelled well ahead of time, and I wasn’t scheduled to work today. 

Right now we’re all in the basement.  I’m typing…Bill and the kids are watching Sponge Bob.  We’re all just lazing around for now.

At some point there will be shoveling to do, along with last night’s dishes and pots and pans (yeah, I left it all for today)…and some cooking…some baking…some laundry.  And somewhere in there, some quilting.

I love snow days.

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