The Work Thing

So yes, I’m working.  Part time. 

And no, I’m not really going to be writing about it in any specific sort of way.


Suffice to say, I needed a job, I’ve got a job, and it’s very weird to be starting a NEW job after 3 years of not working (other than this blog and my little Etsy stores and taking care of my family and the house and all that unsung stuff) and then eleven years at the same place before the layoff.

I’ve gone through all sorts of emotional drama about this job.

More so because I go through emotional drama about ANY big change than because of the job itself.

I need to work on that.

It’s weird to be the new girl.

Especially working at a job that I’ve got some experience at, from way back when, and part of me feels like I should already know everything I need to know at this place, and, since I don’t, I feel all stupid and bumbling and irritated with myself because I’m not a KID any more (at least not if you slice me cross-wise and count the rings) and I should be mature and confident and KNOW STUFF!!


But way in the back of my mind, where the smart person lives, I know I’ll catch on (and I AM catching on) to how things work at this place, and all the little bumps will smooth out and I’ll be fine.

It’s just…it would be nice to know the exact date of that day so I could circle it on my calendar and look forward to it.

But anyway, that’s what I have to say right now about the work thing.

I may write stuff about it from time to time here, but only in an abstract, philosophical sort of way.

5 thoughts on “The Work Thing

  1. Hang in there Jayne. I’m not a big fan of change myself, but I’m sure you’ll find your stride at the new place. And you know the unsung stuff, it may not be a job job, but it’s pretty amazing! Have a great day!

  2. I am a classic “change is bad” personality.

    The only thing I hate worse than starting a new job is training someone for my old job. LOL

    Be patient with yourself!

  3. Give yourself about six months – REALLY! It takes that long to start to feel like you have the real lay of the land. Best of luck.

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