Quilts and Quilting

Update on Bill’s Quilt


I figured I’d start out with some of the easier repairs first.  There are a few spots where just a single piece of fabric is frayed or torn, with nothing going on nearby.  Like the square above.  There was a long tear where the fabric had just worn out, right along the seam.  No good way to repair it directly, so I’d cut a square of fabric to cover the original square.

At first I folded over the sides of the square and ironed a 1/4” seam allowance, but that didn’t work because the original squares aren’t always perfect squares.  So I ironed the squares open again and started over.

This time I placed the new square over the old square and eyeballed it to see how much extra fabric I had to play with.  Then I folded and pressed ONE side, and hand-stitched that in place.  (See above.)


Then I folded the next side under, pressed it flat, pinned it in place, and stitched it in place. 

By doing it this way, I could make sure the new square covered the old square exactly.


And there it is.  The first repaired square, completed.

I started another square as well, and plan to finish that today, along with whatever else I can get done.

I spent the majority of yesterday in the kitchen; today I’d like to spend more time NOT in the kitchen.

What are you doing today?

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