Aqua Boy


The other day Alex participated in a bunch of fun races (not part of a swim meet) for all the kids in swim classes and on the swim team with Envious Swimming.  The kids competed against other kids around the same age/ability level.  Alex was happy because he got “one of each kind” of ribbon.  (Don’t have the actual ribbons yet, but he’ll have four.)

He competed four times – 25m backstroke (he came in 2nd)…





25m kickboard – he placed first.  


WAY first.  He probably should have competed against the next higher skill level, but oh well.


Next up – breast stroke.  That’s him on the right (below).  He hasn’t been doing this very long, so it’s not his strongest stroke.  He came in fourth.



And, finally, freestyle (which I grew up knowing as the “crawl.”).  He placed third here.  He was against three other kids on the swim team, all of whom have learned to dive to start a race.  Alex hasn’t had to do that, so he sort of…plunged in. 




He felt good about the whole thing, which, to me, is the most important thing.  He did well, he tried his best, and he had fun. 

Yay, Alex!


P.S.  I’m not asked to or compensated for linking to Envious Swimming.  I just think they’re a great organization, and if you’re in Rhode Island and your child needs to learn to swim, this is the group to call.  Just my humble opinion.

4 thoughts on “Aqua Boy

  1. My two favorite strokes (that I used to do) were the back stroke and the breast stroke. If I had the funds, I’d have a lap pool in the back yard.

  2. RE: Chocolate Coconut Almond Biscotti

    Hi, I’m making the biscotti as I type this, and it doesn’t say where in the recipe to add the lemon zest. Where does it belong?



    P.s. I made your Zuchinni cookies and everyone in my house loved them, they were going in a day!

  3. I love the non-diving start! I’m right there with you Alex…I don’t know how to do it either – and the one and only time I was forced to do it last summer in a race…I looked 🙂

    It’s all about Style, and we have it…together.

  4. Hi Margaret,

    Im so sorry I couldnt get back to you sooner – Ive been without internet access most of the week. And the lemon zest is an error – it was left over from the lemon biscotti Id referenced earlier in that post. Im so sorry! Im taking it out now.

    Hope the biscotti came out okay!


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