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Banana Bread with a River of Nutella


Well, maybe not exactly a river, since rivers flow and are a bit more liquidy than Nutella is.

But you get the idea.

This was a totally impromptu experiment.

I had three overripe bananas, which, of course, meant I needed to make banana bread.  So I mushed up bananas, added sugar and an egg.  I was lazy, so I didn’t even melt the butter (I was supposed to) before I added it to the bananas.  I took a potato masher and smushed all those ingredients together.  Then I dumped them in a mixture of flour, baking soda and salt.  I mixed everything together and poured it into a loaf pan.

And then…on a whim…I pulled out a jar of Nutella and spooned a line of Nutella right down the center of the batter.

Like this:


Want a closer look?



I put the pan in the oven and waited.

Well, I washed dishes while I waited.  The maid had the day off.  Or maybe she would have.  If we had a maid.

Anyway, about halfway through the baking time, I peeked.

Apparently I peek at an angle.


Anyway, angle or no, you can see that the batter is kind of rising up and curling over the Nutella.

I rotated the pan, shut the oven door, set the timer again, and waited.

Well, I folded laundry while I waited.  Because, you know, the imaginary maid had the day off.

And half an hour later, ding! ding! ding! (That’s what our oven timer sounds like.)


First of all, it smelled really good.

Banana bread is one of my favorite baking smells. 

Second of all, I just saw a commercial for a show called “Lizard Lick Towing” and I fear – even more -  for the future of humanity.  What’s the deal with all these bizarre shows lately???  Thank goodness for Mary Tyler Moore episodes on Hulu so I can return occasionally to a simpler, perkier, beret-tossing-with-a-twirl time.

Anyway, second of all in regard to the banana bread, you can see the batter didn’t completely cover the Nutella, but that’s okay, it looks rather enticing that way.


I was thinking maybe next time I’ll swirl the Nutella through the banana bread batter.  Or mix it with peanut butter and then swirl it.  Guess I need to buy a few bunches of bananas so I can experiment.


I took the bread out of the oven and then had to get to the school to pick up the kids.  When we got back I took the bread out of the pan and despite my kids’ pleas and my stomach growling, we had to wait a bit longer before I could slice it.

But finally, finally, it was time.

Alex asked for a peanut butter sandwich made with banana bread.  Julia had a little smear of butter on hers.  I had the heel.

It was very good.

So the next time you’re making banana bread and you’re feeling the urge to jazz it up a bit, add a stripe of Nutella.  Or swirl some in.

It certainly can’t hurt.

And if you need a banana bread recipe, here’s one, and here’s another.

Now go out there and get some bananas.


3 thoughts on “Banana Bread with a River of Nutella

  1. Yummy! I love the combo of bananas and chocolate.

    Any mention of banana bread always makes me think of my first job. I worked at a Dairy Queen and my boss would let me take home bananas when they got too ripe for banana splits. I would make banana bread and bring it in to share with my coworkers.

  2. Made the banana bread you posted a few months ago with peanut butter and yogurt. Mom said it was better than her’s. That’s a first. 🙂
    Thanks bunches!!

  3. I love your writing style! Hehe, this looks amazing. Are you one of those people that go for the bananas at the chocolate fountain over the strawberries and other inferior fruits? 😀

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