Chocolate Pound Cake with Natalie – Part 2


Here’s the second part of Chocolate Baked Good Day with My Awesome Niece Natalie!

Part one is here.

Okay, so here we’ve got all our ingredients measured out and ready to go:  flour, milk, sugars, eggs, cocoa powder, salt, baking powder, vanilla, and butter.

Time to put it all together!

First, we cream together the butter and sugars…


While I did that, Natalie whisked the cocoa powder into the milk.


I took over the whisking, and Natalie added the vanilla and the eggs (one at a time) to the butter/sugar mixture.


Here’s Natalie, hard at work and doing her best to ignore my annoying photography obsession.


Oh, and while she was doing the egg additions, I greased two loaf pans and lined them with parchment.

I also preheated the oven to 325.


Next…once all the eggs were incorporated, it was time to add in the rest of the ingredients.

I’d whisked the salt and baking powder into the flour, and I also warmed up the milk and cocoa powder a bit (Alton Brown’s suggestion – this recipe is an adaptation of his Chocolate Pound Cake recipe).


So…first a third of the dry ingredients…then half of the liquid, then half of the remaining dry…the rest of the liquid, and the last of the dry.




Looks pretty tasty already, doesn’t it?


We scraped the batter into the pans, and placed the pans on a rack in the center of the oven.


They’ll bake for over an hour.

I’ll let you know how they turn out.

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