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Dinner Prep


As sometimes happens, I take plenty of process pictures and then totally forget to take a picture of the final product.


That’s what happened last night.

Times two.


Earlier in the day I’d come up with ideas for dinner:

Grilled shrimp with barbecue sauce.



A big salad.

I picked up the few things I needed at the grocery store, and after the kids were home from school and Bill was home and we’d all gabbed about stuff, it was time for homework and dinner.


While Alex did his homework, Julia helped me with the shrimp.


She did a great job skewering the shrimp and making sure there was an equal number on each skewer.   She loves to help.  She’s quite the cooker of scrambled eggs, too.


I asked Julia to freeze and smile, and she flashed this totally fake smile at the camera, and then went back to her work.  She’s so over me and my food pictures.


Yeah, Mom, whatever.  I’m busy.  Got these shrimp to do.  I’m working.


One more picture, okay Julia?


Done now, Mom?

After that she went and did her homework and I did all the other dinner stuff…made cornbread, chopped stuff for salad, cooked couscous instead of rice because it was quicker.

Then, last of all, I grilled the shrimp.


And that’s the last photo from yesterday.

So I’ve got no picture of the finished shrimp (which, by the way, I’d sprinkled with salt, pepper, and chili powder before grilling) or the barbecue sauce (from the freezer – Bill made it a few weeks ago), or anything else from dinner. 

And there were no shrimp left for me to photograph this morning, either.

Sorry.  Sometimes that’s how it works. 

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