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Drive By Shot


Up the road a bit from our condo in NH there was this brown barn.  The roof was frosted with a layer of icy snow, and on one side you could see that the warmth of the sun had caused the snow to melt ever so slightly.  Just enough, in fact, for the sheet of snow to slide down around a foot or so.

But instead of the snow breaking and falling to the ground, this whole roof-side portion of snow stayed intact and simply curled down off the edge of the roof.

I kept meaning to take a picture, but I was always either the one driving, or we were on the other side of the road and I couldn’t get a clear shot. 

But one day I was actually thinking about it before we got to the barn.  Bill was driving, and we were heading from Black Mountain back to the condo.

I got one shot.  The one above.  It’s not entirely in focus, but you can get the idea. 

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