Birds · Julia

Hungry Guests


They have some sort of radar.

Any time I toss out scraps of bread, stale cookies, or things like that, within minutes, a small flock of seagulls begins to circle our back yard, slowly spiraling down until one or two decide to land on the feeding platform and start grabbing at the day’s buffet.


Julia and I watched this one for a while.  And we both took pictures, too.  Of course.

He wanted more than this one corner of a dinner roll, but he couldn’t pick up anything more while he had this in his beak.


He tried tossing the crust around, perhaps hoping it would go down better at a different angle. 



Another gull swooped down when he realized this guy was taking too long.


Wisely, he took his crust with him.


“You lookin at me?  Are you lookin at me?”


I stopped taking pictures.  This one didn’t like the paparazzi, apparently.


And then, without saying a word, Julia and I turned toward each other and snapped pictures.

I love moments like that.

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