It’s Spring Because I Say So


Yes, I know, there’s still snow out there. 

I see it.

It’s crusty and crunchy and completely useless if you’re looking to have fun with it.

It’s just…there.

But not for much longer.

Yesterday the temps crept up into the forties, and today and tomorrow we’re supposed to be in the fifties.

It’s a heat wave ‘round here.

And to celebrate, you know what I did yesterday?

I hung out two loads of laundry to dry.

Sure, it was cold.  Sure, my fingers were freezing (or they felt that way) by the time I was done.)

But I didn’t care.

It was warm enough.

And today it will be even warmer.  In fact, I just looked out the window and it read 55F on the thermometer outside.

I’ve got a load of sheets in the washing machine right now. 

Yeah, I’m slightly nuts, I’m this happy to be able to hang the wash outside. 

And I know, there are some people – much tougher then I, I suppose – who hang laundry out year-round.  I would love to say I was one of them, but I’m just not that hardy.  I’d kind of like to run a clothesline along our upstairs hall, but when I mention this to Bill, he just gets this look on his face….

Anyway, it’s Spring now (according to me), and warm enough that my fingers won’t turn into icicles and break off as I hang aprons on the line.  So as of yesterday, my dryer is on vacation.  At least most of the time.  And as long as we don’t get another huge snowstorm or freezing temperatures.

Gotta go.  The last spin cycle just ended. 

I’ve got sheets to hang outside.

7 thoughts on “It’s Spring Because I Say So

  1. 71 degrees here in Mint Hill NC, but this is NOT our typical February 17 weather, so we have to temper our enthusiasm!! BUT!! I do see daffys poking up and primulas looking lettucy, and of course pansies are our toughest little flowers here! They get all frosty, but as soon as it thaws, they pop up their pretty heads and BLOOOOOOOM more. SOON! Spring always rescues us!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Nothing like the fresh small of laundry dried on the line! One of the downsides of living in the city– dryers year-round.

    Happy Spring!

  3. It was in the upper 70’s here and supposed to hit the mid 80’s tomorrow!!!! I used to hang diapers on the line every other day (when is was warm) when we lived in Oklahoma. My neighbor hung clothes out every day even in freezing weather, she’d have frozen jeans and shirts out there for a week or so. She said they would eventually dry.

  4. Oh, today was practically humid! 😉 It’s going to be very cold again next week in my region though. 🙁

    I’m forwarding to you two awards – One Lovely Blog and Stylish Blogger. Please read my post for the details, thanks!

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