Spring is Here!


No, really!

Don’t look outside, though.

Look inside

First up, we’ve got a red noodle bean.  Do you remember the red noodle beans we grew last year?  (I know, there should be some other post I could link to, but I can’t find it at the moment.  Bad blogger.)

Well, we saved some of the seeds and Bill planted a couple recently, just to see if they were viable.  He put the little pot inside the lizard tank, which is warmer than it’s been near any of the windows, and a couple days ago one of the beans sprouted!  Yay!  This means we can save the seeds every year and not have to buy any more. 

So here’s our baby noodle bean plant:


See it poking up, there?  Right beside the popsicle stick?

Here’s another picture.  It was hard to get a good shot, as I’m going through the screen on top of the tank and the plastic over the pot.  But anyway…


It’s actually too early to grow the red noodle beans, so I’m not sure what we’re going to do with this one.  We certainly can’t plant it outside yet, but at least we know the seeds are good.

But wait!

That’s not all!

We’ve also got…



I don’t even really LIKE broccoli all that much, but at this point I adore it because it’s growing and that means it’s spring, and I don’t care what the date is.

Bill and both kids like broccoli, though, so we’re growing it.

And…last but not least…



Cippolini onions, to be specific.  You know, those small, sort of flat looking Italian onions?  Those.  We’re growing around fifty of them or so.


The only members of the family NOT happy about all this are the cats. 

Because the seed trays have started taking over the sunny sitting spots in the house.


And the window sills are too narrow for them to sit on comfortably.


Sorry, Softie.

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