What Would YOU Like Me To Cook (or Bake)?

Really, I want to know.

I recently made an apple strudel, which, strangely, I'd never made before.

And tomorrow I'm planning to make Baklava, which I've never made before, either.

I know, shameful, huh?

So it occurred to me that there are probably other things I SHOULD have made at some point but haven't. 

And I'd like to rectify that a bit.


What do you think is missing from my repertoire?

Or, from this blog, anyway. 

(Sometimes foods I've cooked never make it to the blog for one reason or another – sometimes due to horrible photos, or no photos at all, or me being lazy.)

Anyway, I'd really love to hear some ideas, suggestions, wishes, whatever, about something you'd like to see me make and post about.

So…let's hear it!



14 thoughts on “What Would YOU Like Me To Cook (or Bake)?

  1. I have to recommend Battenburg cake! It love making them for other people- they look impressive and are really easy to make. Plus, they’re a great component of afternoon tea.

  2. Id never heard of Battenburg cake until you mentioned it. I looked it up and that definitely looks like something Id like to try. Im sure Julia would want to be a part of it as well….

    Thanks for chiming in!

  3. Oh goodness, I’ll have to think on this awhile. You already make so many things that my naive cooking mind knows about. What about a souffle? I’m sure you’ve made one, a cheese souffle.

  4. Beef tongue.
    No, really! My grandma used to make it, and I’ve been craving it. I have no idea how to go about it (drop it in a pot of boiling water?), and I’d love to try it based on the advice from a reputable source (that’s you, btw)!

  5. helooo.
    Just wanted to say that I come over here once a day at least if not more. Love love how amazingly inspirational you are.
    Have you tried making a Pavlova? it’s an icon here in New Zealand.

    Lotsa love

  6. One of my cooking magazines– Food & Wine, perhaps– had an article on MAKING TOFU this past month. I can’t wait until you make tofu from scratch!

  7. Anything with Bison meat, I love your recipes (I make your quiche on a regular basis!). My local grocery started selling fresh Bison ribeye steaks and chop meat and it is so healthy compared to beef!

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