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With Julia’s Approval


On Wednesday we had yet another snow day.  No school for Bill or the kids.

Actually, snow day isn’t quite accurate.  More like sleet/freezing rain/yuck day.

Definitely not a day to frolic and play outdoors.

The night before, when we got the call from Bill’s school cancelling classes, we selfishly hoped the kids would still have school, so we could go out to lunch.  We got a restaurant gift card for Christmas from one of Bill’s brothers, and a little lunch date would be the perfect way to use it.

Alas, the kids’ school called with their automated cancellation notice soon after Bill’s, and that idea was squashed.

But then…

One of Alex’s friends invited him over for the day.

And my fabulous friend/neighbor across the street kindly agreed to let Julia come over for a couple of hours.

So – YAY!

Julia was working on her second quilt – cutting out triangles – when I told her.

“Hey, Julia…when Daddy gets back, you’re going across the street for a couple hours.”

She looked up.


I hesitated.  I was afraid that if I said Bill and I were going out to lunch, she’d beg to come and it would get messy.

But…tough.  Mommy and Daddy are allowed to hang out together sometimes.

So I said, “Daddy and I are going out for a while.”

A sly smile tugged at one corner of her mouth and her eyes lit up.

“Are you two going on a date?”

“I guess so!”

“You guys still do that?  Go on dates?”

“Um…not very often,” I said.

She went back to her triangles, and a little bit later she went happily across the street.

And Bill and I went out.

On our date.

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