A Look Around Some of the Gardens


…now that MOST of the snow has finally melted.

(And I know, I need to change the polish on my toe nails.  I will, I will.)

It’s around 60 here today, so I’m hoping the rest disappears, but it’s windy and cloudy, too, so we’ll see.

We’ve been putting the broccoli, cippolini onions, and a marigold (Alex’s, from Science class) outside under the protective plastic of one of the winter gardens lately.  We’d bring the seedlings outside around ten in the morning and bring them back in around four.  Just to give them a taste of the great outdoors.

It’s been warm this weekend, so last night Bill decided to leave the seedlings out in the winter garden – you know, for a sleep over. 

They survived the night just fine, and around mid morning, Bill took the plastic off of that same winter garden.

Here’s a look.


Yay, green stuff! 

This is spinach.


Right here is where Bill planted some leeks.  You can’t see them yet.  But they’re there.


A view from another angle.  The spinach is on the left, on the right we’ve got some cilantro here and there, and in the middle, from back to front and left to right, we’ve got our broccoli seedlings, three pots of herbs (oregano, tarragon, and…um…another one), Alex’s marigold (which has a bud, by the way), and all the little onions.


A closer look at some cilantro…


And some more cilantro.


And mint!  Lots of little baby mintlings (new term I invented, feel free to borrow it) coming up in the two huge pots of mint).


Bill found a kale leaf near the back garden.  It had been covered with snow.  And it’s still pretty green.

Oh, and that’s a whiffle ball.  We’ve got a lot of them coming up.


Here’s some pale – but still alive – kohlrabi.  We’ll see what it does.


And there’s the sprawling parsley.  Some is clearly dead, but there’s newer, greener stuff in there, too.


I was walking around barefoot, because, you know, there’s got to be a reason for the name of this blog, and the ground felt very cold and squishy in the spots where the icy snow has most recently melted.  Still squishy in other areas, but not as cold.

Plenty of mud out there, too.

We’ve also got tulips and crocuses and daffodils coming up in the front yard, but I didn’t take pictures there.  Yet.

OHHHHHHHHhhhh, I love this time of year!           

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  1. I picked up some 4″pots yesterday. 2 cilantro, 1 basil, 1 oregano, 2 dill. I’ll pick up some purple basil and a few others that come to mind this week. Planted my onions a few weeks ago, just in time for 4 inches of snow to fall on them.

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