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Amazing Cake

Just want to point you all in the direction of my future niece-in-law’s blog today.  She is an incredible cake- and cupcake-maker/decorator, and this weekend she competed in the National Area Cake Show Competition in DC.  (Besides THAT fabulousness, she is also an inspiring and tough athlete.  She’s quite awesome.)

If you’ve been reading this blog for at least a few years, you might remember the adorable cupcakes she made (and brought with her on the flight to RI) in response to this unfortunate incident at our house that same summer.

Anyway, her blog is Bertie’s Bakery, and you really need to go read her post about the cake decorating competition

You really, really do.



3 thoughts on “Amazing Cake

  1. I’ve been reading your blog for years, and just found Bertie’s Bakery through another outlet a few months ago and have been a faithful reader ever since! How funny that you two are connected!! Both of you are great reads =)

  2. Jayne…. thank you SO MUCH for posting this! I never would have dreamed I would have recieved such a hguge response today!! Thanks again 🙂

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