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Four Days Late and a Banner Short


You know, I really wish these months would give you a warning before they start.  March has been here for four days now – when did that happen?? 

As so often happens, it’s taken me several days to get adjusted to the new month, and this morning I finally realized that my banner still said “February” and maybe I should do something about that.

I haven’t really cooked or baked anything lately that would be interesting enough for the banner…and I’ve got this little quirk where I sort of HAVE to use a picture from THAT DAY when I make a banner.  It’s a goofy quirk, but isn’t that the nature of a quirk?  It’s kind of goofy?  And no, I don’t always bow to the quirk. 

But today I did.  I didn’t have a food photo, so I took some pictures of our happy and healthy little cippolini onions.  We’ve also got broccoli, tomatoes, eggplant, and hot peppers coming along, but the onions are the farthest along, and, more to the point, they were the easiest to photograph without having to move a lot of stuff out of the way (like the plastic cover over the tomato/eggplant/pepper seed tray, or the bird netting and chicken wire protecting the eggplant from the cats.  All I had to do to photograph the onions was poke the lens of my camera through the HOLE IN THE NETTING that one of the cats thoughtfully chewed for me.


Anyway, there are roughly 50 onions growing and thriving, and we’ve recently started putting them outside in one of the winter gardens for about 6 hours so they can start hardening off.  We bring the broccoli out there, too.

And so, since Spring begins later this month (the OFFICIAL Spring.  I already decided it was spring last month), I figured seedlings were appropriate banner material.

And that’s my little story.

You may now go about your day content in the knowledge that I’ve put up a new banner.

You’ll probably sleep better tonight as a result.

I know I certainly will.

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