“It kind of makes me happy and sad at the same time.”


This came in the mail yesterday.

The card is filled with sympathetic messages from some of the staff at the vet’s office where I brought Blur this past Monday.  Not just “so sorry for your loss,” but sentences.  Small paragraphs.  Sweet and stunning.

And then there’s Blur’s left front paw print.  It’s hers alright.  Small, double-pawed. 

I never expected this.  The card, yes, but not the paw print.

It’s made out of (I think) some sort of clay that you either bake in the oven or maybe it just dries naturally.  I try not to think of someone pressing Blur’s limp paw against the clay.  It must have been done right after I left that morning.  Unless they regularly save paw prints of all their patients, just in case.  But I don’t think so.  I think it was done that day.  And it’s painful to think about, really.  But at the same time…very thoughtful.

Alex was the one who said it best.  “It makes me feel happy and sad at the same time.  Sad that she’s dead…but happy that they gave us a memory.”



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