Breads and Crackers · Sourdough

Making a Rye Sour


I made corned beef for St. Patrick’s Day dinner last week.  Actually, I’d started making the corned beef the week before, making a brine and soaking the brisket in the fridge for a week before finally boiling (simmering, really) it and the requisite potatoes and cabbage and carrots.  (Turnips and other root vegetables would also be traditional, but I didn’t want a TON of leftovers. 

What I did want was the left over corned beef.  I used some of it make corned beef hash over the weekend, and used some more of it last night when I made a Reuben for my husband for dinner. 

He loves a good Reuben.



They pull you in immediately. 

The petite faces with the huge ears…the pointy tails…the jumpy little bodies. 

Tiny feet.  So easily startled.  Inquisitive.  Loud purrs that couldn’t possibly come from such small creatures.

And you are theirs from the first tiny mew.


French Fridays with Dorie · In the Cookie Jar

FFwD – Salted Butter Break-Ups


This week’s recipe for French Fridays with Dorie is the Salted Butter Break-Ups, and can be found on pages 400-401 in Dorie Greenspan’s book Around My French Table.

I haven’t participated in several weeks, for one reason or another, and I was overjoyed – yes, overjoyed to be able to join in this week.

These cookies are a snap to put together, and because you don’t have to scoop them or cut them out into shapes (unless you want to cut them out – the dough would work just fine for that), they’re quick to prep and get into the oven.

They’re also quick to disappear.  I made them yesterday, and after my kids’ lunches are packed, I don’t think we’ll have any left.

Here’s what’s involved…

Soup · Sweet Potato

Sweet Potato Bisque


When we were in New Hampshire a few weeks ago we ate dinner out only one night.  There were a bunch of restaurants in the area, and many of them looked appealing.  We ended up choosing Margarita Grill in Glen, NH.

The interior is low-ceilinged and cozy, with rough exposed wood and rustic tables and chairs.  We were led to a table to one side of the small room and handed Margarita Grill’s rather extensive menu. 

I had a smoked turkey quesadilla, which tasted like a fine way to use up Thanksgiving leftovers, complete with a cranberry salsa.  The kids had tacos, or maybe Julia had her usual – macaroni and cheese – and Bill had enormous fish tacos so big we brought one of them and half my quesadilla back to our condo and had them the following night.

And for appetizers, I don’t remember what everyone else had.  All I know is I had their Chipotle Sweet Potato Bisque, and it was fabulous.

I also knew I had to try to make it at home some time soon.

So I did.

My Family

Wearing the Green


When my sister and I were kids, we didn’t have any green clothes.  I remember her giving me a rather odd look one day when I was old enough to go shopping for my own clothes.  I brought home a green and white striped shirt.  The horror should have been because the stripes were horizontal, but no, it’s because half the stripes were green.

Apparently my mother wouldn’t buy us green clothes because her father was Scottish and English and he wouldn’t have approved.


Time Management – Or the Lack Thereof

As I said yesterday, I’m on a cleaning kick.  Sort of.  Put it this way – I’m in the mood to clean.  I’m not always.  Or for very long.  But it needs to be done, and now that I’ve armed myself with all sorts of good-smelling, inexpensive but effective homemade cleaning supplies, I’m kind of raring to go.

Thing is, I’m raring to go about a lot of different things.  Sewing.  Revamping this blog (a long overdue project).  Making more cheese.  Cleaning out the house so it’s not so cluttered.  Planning a yard sale for whenever yard sale season officially begins.  (I’m thinking that will coincide with slightly warmer Saturday mornings.)  Making more stuff for my Etsy shops.  Cooking and baking more interesting stuff for this blog.  Working in the gardens. 

And, of course, in and around that there’s normal daily life.  Husband.  Kids.  Pets.  Dishes.  Laundry.  Meals.  Work.  Exercise.  (Which needs to move farther up the list.  Perhaps right after Pets.  I figure breathing things should come first.)

Anyway, I have all these things I either should do or want to do, or a combination of both.

And I’ll tell you right now, flat out:  I’m terrible at staying organized.