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Another Opening Day

No, I’m not talking baseball, though that’s a big thing in this house, too.

I’m talking fishing.  Trout, specifically.

Here in Rhode Island, it’s my husband’s favorite holiday:

Opening Day of Trout Season.

I’ve written about this before over the years, and apart from all of us being another year older (except me – I’m a year younger, I’ve decided), things remain pretty much the same. 

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That’s probably enough. 

I’ll report back on today’s results once the boys men return.  (Bill went with his nephew, Joe, again this year.  Alex will eventually go on Opening Day, but first he has to be able to tie his own lures onto the line, cast accurately, untangle his own tangles, bait his own hooks and remove his own fish.  Them’s the rules.  They’ll be working on all this stuff over the course of this year.  And apart from all that, Alex has strep throat AGAIN, so he’s not going anywhere this morning.)

So there we are.  I’m going to finish my pink bread post now.  I’ll be back a bit later with that.

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