9 thoughts on “Care to Hazard a Guess?

  1. Yeah, I’m thinking dough here as well… blueberry yeast rolls? Never heard tell of such, but you’re always coming up with cool stuff that I’d never have thought of.

  2. Looks like something out of The Matrix :p

    I was going to saw coloured bread dough too, but seems everyone else got there before me! So I’m gonna say… blueberry flavoured used chewing gum? 🙂

  3. yeastey dough that has over-risen.. maybe pizza dough? And I think that only beets or red onions will make that shade of … “purple”.

  4. It’s either bread dough or a do-it-yourself-/-make-your-own gum base.

    Dyed using either food colouring or berries.

    BB )O(

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