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Farmer Julia


We’re able to get free compost from the town.  Last week Bill nearly filled up the truck bed with gorgeous, dark compost.  Most of it is out, but there’s still some that needs to be removed.

Julia likes to help.


The first year we got town compost, we were kind of “eh” about it – we kept finding little bits of plastic or the occasional piece of broken glass – things people tossed in their yard waste bags even though they weren’t supposed to.

But this year it looks so much better.


Today Bill and the kids will be working outside.  We’ve got two more raised beds to build, and there’s spring clean up work to be done – clearing out dead stuff from the flower gardens in the front yard (dead plants, not random dead animals or anything) (just in case you were feeling horrified).



I’ll probably be inside and outside today – I’ve got lots of little things to do, plus I need to make bread.


What are you up to today?

Whatever it is, I hope you have as much fun as Julia had shoveling compost!


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