Go Ahead! Eat Off It!


That’s my kitchen floor, fyi.

No, my house doesn’t really slant like that – I must have been listing to the right when I took the picture.

See how cleeeeeeeeeeeeeeean the floor is?

That’s because I cleaned it yesterday.

I know, why should that be such a big deal?  Well, because for one thing, it’s been filthy lately, what with all the garden work that’s been going on here this week. 

So yesterday, as part of my spring cleaning frenzy, I took just about everything out of the kitchen, packed away winter stuff, put the green floor cushion things I use near the sink and stove (so my feet won’t throb after a long day of cooking and baking) and put them in the tub with a lot of hot water and white vinegar (to remove the grease), swept up the dirt and debris, and – at the end of the day – washed the tile floor.

By hand.

Square by square by square.

I sort of like washing the floors like that.  (It could also explain why I also DON’T like washing the floors…hmmm.) I like being right down there where I can see every speck of dirt, and get into the little cracks and crevices.  Plus, when I’m washing square by square, I can easily see what’s been done and what hasn’t, and there’s a nice (for me) sense of accomplishment as the number of clean and sparkly squares begins to outnumber the grimy and gross ones.

I know.

I’m a little wacky.

Anyway, the best part of cleaning the kitchen floor yesterday was the stuff I used to clean it.

Borax, hot water, a bit of dish soap, and a little ammonia.

Fabulous stuff, people.

And while I was scooting around on the floor, eye level with the cupboard doors, and the front of the dishwasher and stove, I figured I’d use the same stuff to wash all those things, too. 

And – again – fabulous stuff.

The door of my stove hasn’t looked this clean in ages.

Maybe I shouldn’t share that with the world.

But it’s true.

Borax, borax, how I love thee!

It cleans, degreases, disinfects…it’s my new favorite thing.

So…if you were hoping to see a post on pretty Easter cookies…you can blame borax for not seeing those cookies.

I was too busy cleaning to bake yesterday.

OH – and in addition to the floor, I also cleaned out the disaster area sometimes known as my pantry.  I’d been wanting to dig out all my canning jars, just to see what I’ve got.  I had a couple of boxes of assorted jars given to me by a couple of friends ages ago, and I hadn’t ever gone through to see what was there.

So yesterday, in between other little projects, I also soaked all the jars, washed them, and scraped label residue off the ones that needed that kind of attention.


And this morning, I finished putting the last of them away.  For now.



That’s not even all of them.  Those are just the ones I needed to soak.  The rest are off to the right on a couple of shelves.

So excited to begin canning again.

At the moment, all I have left from last year are a couple of jars of hot pepper jelly and one little jar of salsa.

This year I plan to do a LOT more canning. 


Got that?

A LOT!   

No idea if I’ll get cookies baked.  I’m running out of time in between work and other obligations.

So…maybe if I don’t get them done before Easter, I’ll change my plans and make…springtime cookies.

By the way, when I was trying to take a picture of the kitchen floor this morning, someone kept interfering….




Maybe he was just wondering if he was in the right house.

“What is this place?  It’s so…so…spotless!”

I’m borax-obsessed, I tell you.

Bear with me.

It’ll pass.

Hopefully not until I get the rest of the house sparkly clean.  

7 thoughts on “Go Ahead! Eat Off It!

  1. Borax is also great for killing fleas in your carpets and couches. Two years in a row, the flea treatments were just not working and the carpets and couches had fleas too. I sprinkled Borax, let it sit for a bit, vaccummed and promptly disposed it. Couple treatments do the trick. Oh I need to clean my jars. I have already started freezing strawberries. I use a combo of store bought (i know 🙁 ) and local. I am trying to plant things to can that we will actually eat. I still have jars of pickled jalapenos..they did not fly well.
    I am glad I found your blog..it is going to be a great growing season.

  2. I used about 2 gallons of hot water, about half a cup of borax, around two teaspoons to a tablespoon of ammonia, and a squirt of dish soap (I use Dawn). All this was done by eye, not with actual measuring cups or spoons. I dont think the measurements have to be perfect. My floor agrees. 🙂

  3. I gotta tellya, I used to do my floors this way also. And hated it, so didn’t do it much (sound familiar?) THEN I found this fabulous Hoover Floor Mate (“The Hard Floor Cleaner”). IT IS FABULOSO. FIRST it vacuums the yard junk, dirt, sand, dog and cat hairs really well. THEN you fill a reservoir up with its cleaning mix/hot water, and flip the dial to scrub or something, and go over it again. You dispense the cleaning liquid with a button sort of like a Swiffer, but this thing is so much better. There are stiff brushes that actually SCRUB the tiles. It fits under the cabinets. It is fantastic. Altho, it is creepy to see what the water looks like in the reservoir after you’re done. SOOOOO dirty!!!!It was about $140??? and worth every penny for my tile floors. Hoover didn’t pay me to say that. LOL

  4. I got super excited about the thought of clean canning jars. So many uses!! lol
    Thanks for the cleaning recipe. I’ll be sure to write that one down. 🙂
    Take photos of all your canning, I can’t wait to see them!

  5. I need to do this, was planning on just using bleach and a tooth brush on the grout. I think I’ll try this first. Thanks for the tip about the fleas Heidi, I may need that this summer.

  6. While I swoon at the sight of those floors, my heart skipped a beat at the site of a pantry. A pantry. Oh Lord, I would love a pantry. I have a tiny, narrow, deep “pantry” and things to in and don’t come back out. Now it has turned into a non-food closet — rice cooker, etc. Before I die, I will have a pantry…as God is my witness.

  7. Our pantry was originally a closet in the dining room. We didnt see a need for the closet, so Bill added shelves (there was one in there already), and – hooray! – I had a pantry. Of course, it still gets cluttered and things disappear, and I clean it out and reorganize it about twice a year (spring, and November (right before cookie baking marathons begin))…and I wish it was about three times the size it is…but overall Im pretty happy to have it. Good luck on the journey to your own pantry!

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