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Another Opening Day

No, I’m not talking baseball, though that’s a big thing in this house, too.

I’m talking fishing.  Trout, specifically.

Here in Rhode Island, it’s my husband’s favorite holiday:

Opening Day of Trout Season.

I’ve written about this before over the years, and apart from all of us being another year older (except me – I’m a year younger, I’ve decided), things remain pretty much the same. 

Here are a few links to past Opening Day-related posts, in case you’re interested:


Poultry Patrol


It’s a turkey.

This morning after the kids ate breakfast, I was in the kitchen washing a small part at the base of the mountain of dishes I have to do today.


Why I’m emphasizing my dishwashing laziness I have no idea, but there you go.

Anyway, I’m washing and sort of zoning out to the intermittent SHHHHHHing of the water as I rinse things, when I hear, from upstairs, the too-familiar sound of Julia.  Shrieking.


This Post is My Gift to You

Friday, after the kids were out of school, I zipped over to Stop & Shop to get a few things, including some ingredients for the veggie burgers Bill was making as part of our dinner that night.

Now, not all the stores have the same layout, but the one near my house is set up so that if you go in the door by the produce section, you pass through all the fruits and vegetables…the deli is to the left, then the bakery is beyond that, also on the left, and sort of behind all the produce, parallel to the bakery area, is the organic food area – boxes of cereals and flours and sauces and baby food and snacks and chips and all that.

Then, if you keep walking past that, you hit the seafood and the meats.

(I know, it’s deadly dull stuff, but stay with me.)


Sunday Morning Stuff


Alex wanted to be the one to say something about this picture of Scratchy…

“This morning Mom went into the living room and saw Scratchy.  So she took a picture of him, or two.  I thought that it was an adorable picture.  Too-ta-loo!”

I actually took the picture a couple mornings ago.  He just looked so very comfortable.  And he totally ignored me until the kids came in and made a bunch of noise.  Then he took off.


I confess I don’t have anything big to write about this morning.  My brain is sort of tired.  It gets overwhelmed at times, and I think that’s been happening lately.

Here’s a peek…