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Updates from the Garden


Last night we had, in addition to some scrod and rice, a great big salad.

Most of that salad came from the garden, which makes it even better.

I took the picture above after Julia and I had been outside picking vegetables.  The asparagus didn’t end up in the salad – I sauteed that in some butter with the fish.  But everything else?  Yes.

Clockwise from top left in the picture above:  baby red lettuce, arugula, asparagus, radishes, cilantro, baby spinach, and wild arugula.

I left out the cabbage in that picture – it’s some sort of leafy Asian cabbage – milder than your standard head of cabbage – so here’s a picture of it from outside:


(That’s some cilantro on the far right.)

Anyway, the only not-from-our-garden additions to the salad were part of a head of romaine from the fridge, and some sliced baby carrots. 

No pictures of the salad, but just imagine a big bowl of lots of green and a sprinkling of red-and-white and orange.


Oh, and we’ve been planting lately, too. 

Wanna see?

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