Yep, it’s Bread Dough


Bill told the kids I’d butchered a large, purple dinosaur and included a puree of it in the dough.


He thinks he’s funny.

The kids do, too.  But, of course, they don’t necessarily believe it when he says things like that.

And besides, the kids already knew what I’d used.

It was beets.  (Good call, Lynne – and so was the blueberry guess.  The puree color is the same for both.)


Roasted, peeled, and pureed beets.

I pureed them with milk. 


And not only did I make bread, I also baked something a little sweeter as well.

I’ll be back later this morning with the stories, more pictures, and recipes.

Thanks for all your guesses!!

(For the record, no large, purple dinosaurs were harmed in the baking of these foods.)

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