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Back in the Cheese of Things


Oh, earthy goats’ milk, how I love thee!

I started a batch of chèvre last night.


Here’s how it looked this morning when it was time to drain the whey off and hang the curds…









I know I’ve already got plenty of pictures of cheese making already posted, but I just love how the curd looks the next morning, after culturing overnight. 

After lunch I flipped through my copy – my very battered and post-it-noted and dripped- and scribbled-upon copy of Home Cheese Making and made a list of cheeses I’d like to make this year.  (I know, the year started several months ago, but for me, cheese making season starts in the spring.)

I’d like to make several cheddars (again), including a goats’ milk cheddar that I meant to make last summer but never got around to.  I’d like to make Parmesan and Romano, and Monterey Jack, and Gouda, and maybe a Swiss of some kind.  And I’d also like to try out a couple of white mold cheeses.  They need lots of care and temp/humidity control, but still…how cool would it be to make my own Camembert?  Very cool, I’m thinking.

So I wrote the list, and another list of stuff I need to make all these different cheeses, and we’ll see how it goes.

Yay, cheese!       

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