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Blauwschokker Update!


Remember the other day when I showed you the pretty pink blossoms on our Blue Podded Blauschokker pea plants?


Well I’ve had a couple more surprises since then.

First – yesterday – we discovered that the plants ALSO produce purple blossoms!






Aren’t they pretty?  And they grow on the same plants as the pink ones – all mixed together. 

And here, not to be outdone, are the white blossoms from our “regular” pea plants.


So that’s all cool, right?  We’ve got pink, purple and yellowish-white pea blossoms.

But wait! 

There’s more!

This morning, after I brought the kids to school, I went over to look through the pea plants in search of actual pea pods.

And look what I found:


A Blue Blauschokker Pod!

Several of them, in fact.



I think I found five of them all together.  So far.

And it appears that only the purple blossoms produce the pods.  At least, so far.


I’ll keep you updated….


3 thoughts on “Blauwschokker Update!

  1. They are beautiful! I can just imagine how summery your garden looks with all of that color! My regular old peas are growing well, not big enough for flowers yet but with this heat it won’t be long!

  2. Its my first time growing a purple podded variety this year and they look totally unusual. I agree with your observation that the purple pods that are only formed from the blue flowers. I hadn’t noticed this before but all my pod photos are of the blue flowers. Thanks

  3. The reason you’re only seeing the
    blue flowers produce pods is that
    they are the faded flowers. as
    the flowers fade they turn from
    red to ‘bluish’. It’s not because
    the plant is producing pod flowers
    and non-pod flowers. To prove
    this to yourself — mark a red
    flower (tie a piece of yarn around
    the stem of the flower), check it
    regularly. The flower will start
    to droop/fade, turn bluish, and
    eventually produce a pod.

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